Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello All!

For those of you I've talked to while in the border line.. this is probably what I was looking at.. this is less than a mile of road that takes about 2 hours to drive through.. yuck.

This is my roommate Becky rockin out in our living room on our NEW COUCHES!

Here's Matt (bottom) and Carlos, Carlos won this tshirt for us at a concert.. I'll post some video of it on another post in a minute.. but check out this tshirt. It supposedly says now and for some reason has an american flag. Oh AND it smells like hollister. Weird.

These are pics of the area around our house. You can see El Paso and El Asarco..

The building with the yellow bars on the windows is our house. Not a good pic yet but I'll get more tomorrow.

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