Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So I am starting a blog about this next year.. but I'm not making it public.. I love you all but its just one of those things.. hahah.. I already want to delete this blog.. but it is sort of fun to see how much of an idiot I was 4 years ago, and how much of an idiot I still am, the ups and downs. It's weird to think people could judge me on what stupid decisions I made 4 years ago.. or yesterday. but still it feels like hiding from those decisions if I delete it.. anyway.. God is doing some awesome things with my heart and ive been on the road to making some pretty substantial decisions... I think this year is a big part of it.. so I wanted to start fresh.. it isn't just another day or another experience.. but possibly the start of something new.. so I'll keep this ol regular blog.. but start with the new a bit as well.

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