Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am a happy girl today. God is so incredible, so good and faithful. This week has been nuts and already its sunday... yikes! Becky and I have been house sitting for our missionary friends at night and they get back today. Our first week of ministry site stuff somewhat starts today. I am heading to the orphanage early in the morning tomorrow to try and catch the director and talk to her about what I could be doing there with them.. Today Becky has her dinner in El Paso for the folks from her church. Matt and jaci are spending the day in El Paso but I am not heading over til later this afternoon. I am going to take the day to catch up on office work, sleep and phone calls. I'll be glad for a day to myself some.. Not that I don't adore my roommates :)

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Sarah said...

It was so great to talk to you yesterday. I was going through some things last nite and found a treasure trove of photos that we as a family havent seem in YEARS. I also ran across Racc and Raccoony! I wish I still had Prince who was Ambers best friend for so many years.

Any way Love you and look forward to looking at the info on the womens group. I would love to be able to serve in that way.

Love you, Mom