Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year!!!!

Greaaat News!!

Justin's Leave is going to be sometime in February. He's "requested" the first two weeks so any time within that two weeks he'll get 48 hours notice of his departure and a few days later be in Cincy!! OOOOOT!! I'm very excited. I was expecting to not see him til June, even bracing myself for possibly August which was a total bummer. Now I'll get to see him in just a few weeks AND he may even be home for good in June or July!! I can't even tell you what a relief that will be. It has been a hard few months even though we get to talk pretty often via email and even the phone. I still miss him pretty bad and I can't wait to see him! I already talked to work about getting time off and it looks like they are going to be super flexible with me. I wont know really until about 4 days before I leave but atleast I know it will be in February so I can be prepared and planning for it. I'll fly out to Cincinnatti to meet some of his family, we'll head up to Michigan and see my dad then either go to KC to see mom or Phillie to see Amber. I'm not sure which yet until I talk to my sister. We'll only have a few days at either and I need to see which will work out better because of their work schedules and such..

On a sad note: Jezebel escaped and disappeared.

On a sadder note: The new roommate is NOT ANSWERING MY PHONE CALLS or emails or texts or anything and I am officially freaking out. I have to start budgetting in case she doesn't show up or call this week. i am hoping she's been gone for the holidays or her phone is dead. Otherwise we may just start stealing and gambling to pay first and last months rent in February :P Nahh.. itll work out. God is good and it always does.

Cant wait to see Brooke Charles Landry and Daniel next weeeeeek!!

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