Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roommates, Santa Claus and Sunshine.

  • We found a roommate! Finally!! Woot! Her name is naomi and we think she is going to move in on the first of January. She has I tiny little dog that will live in her room similar to a chia pet and she is suuper sweet. Exciting.
  • If you listen to the news and/or KLOVE you will know that there are two climbers stuck on Mt Hood right now and they don't think that they'll make it. One of those climbers is a friend of my sister and I's from the Well in Phillie named Katie Nolan. Scary. Praying.
  • Justin disappeared for a few days and reappeared triumphantly via email. A soldier had died and that forces them to cut off communications until next of kin is notified. Scary. He's ok though. Sounds like work is a little rough right now but things will be ok. He is a man of character and will be victorious. Happy 8 Mo. Anniversary!
  • Hung out with Mandy before AND after work yesterday and it was fun to spend time with her. "shoutout". She has been such an encouragement and a big blessing in my life.
  • Work is nuts right now. Lots of present sorting which makes me feel like santa claus. Mrs Claus? I"m too tall to be an elf. Though my feet are disproportionally big enough for the pointy shoes.
  • We're doing an xmas party at our house on Monday including neighbors, ex coworkers, friends, family and other such folk. I am excited to have a good mix of people who I haven't seen in awhile to come hang out and celebrate with us.
  • Pandora's Rockin Christmas station makes Christmas music somewhat tolerable


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My what a change from last year! I hope your party is a great success! Good goingon the room mate front! Love you, Mom