Monday, May 07, 2007


Gotta love my blatant idiocy. I officially sent out my graduation announcements today. And yes the ceremony is saturday. Apologies to my family and friends, it has been a rough semester. Plus I forgot the whole inside and outside envelope action and messed up a bunch of them.. I blame Full House for distracting me.. I mean it WAS the episode at Disney World.. can you blame me.

So I am procrastinating hard today. I just have zero desire to BS anymore. I mean seriously..

I heard from Lydia today, that made me smile, I hope all the planning is going well, I'm sure it will be incredible and that I will be unbecomingly jealous.

I'm watching a lil' GG.. its a nice trip down memory lane.

I graduate in 5 days. Woot.

On a more serious note.. I have been thinking a little bit about my future. I realized that once I'm done with this first year of classes at grad school I could end up anywhere, in the US or out. It's sort of scary, but I guess it's still exciting. Dios Sabe.

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