Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ill teach your grandmother to suck eggs!

Sitting watching Heroes. What a great show.. man. GG was good last night too. I have my last final tomorrow.. I don't know how well it will go.. I have to start studying pretty soon. Its for Novel so I have about 5 novelas that i have to review... Its gonna be a lot of work but hopefully it will be ok. My presentations went well yesterday.. I got an A on my Term Paper.. thats pretty exciting..

I got to talk to Tim for awhile last night.. it has been fun getting to know him, and sharing stories. I will say its weird that I haven't actually met him in person.. I feel like we've been friends for a long time. I'm trying to find a way to stay longer in Michigan when I go up for Lyd's wedding. I have so many people to see and spend time with, a few days isn't going to be enough. Besides it would be nice to get a chance to hang out with Tim in person. I even thought about going up in June but I don't know if that can happen logistically or monetarily. Who knows.. I can't wait to see friends and fam in Michigan though. I miss everyone, I miss Grand Haven.

Things I miss from GH:
walking the pier and jumping off it too
bonfires on the beach
playing tag on the imagination station
walking duncan's woods
best fireworks ever
butchs, rays, pizza and sub shop, dairy treat, Jumpin Java,
grass that I can walk in barefoot
ultimate at lakeshore
youth group
jamming with friends, singing with shyle

Im done. Theres more but Im such a dork.

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