Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First thing's first...

Thanks Steve (blade:P) for getting me hooked on Tyrone Wells and Brian Rowe. Holy crap its really good relaxin music for studying.. Im jammin out to "sea breeze" by TW and lovin it.

Thanks to my cute a** sister who hit on my future manager at work so I can get a job at BN. Heheh.. Im only slightly kidding. I am hoping he gives me a call tomorrow. It was really cool to talk to jess on the phone tonight. I haven't been able to get to know her very well these past years, I am excited to spend some time with her this summer. Wow it's coming soon...

So I decided this summer is my summer for fun reading.. Im gonna make a list of all the great literature I wish I had read.. I was about to start the list.. but I can't decide. Im gonna see what I can find at BN.. you know once i have a discount :)

I got in a conversation today about how I think anyone who cites wikipedia as a direct source should automatically fail the assignment (with fair warning in the syllabus) I mean seriously kids, lets do some real research. It is one thing to use it as a springboard to better resources but as a primary source? really? boo.. the person I talked with was like "Many universities throughout the US take it as a source, even some Ivy Leagues" ... I dont know if I believe that. Plus lets just use common sense here.. Although I will say that I read a journal article the other day that cited it as a source for the basic background knowledge of a topic. I guess I could handle that. You know like the basic history stuff we all know.. but even then.. its a little iffy.

My presentation went well today. I used all 20 of my minutes.. much to the dismay of my fellow classmates. I guess I get excited about good literature. This book was really great.. I think Ill sit down and read it again this summer.. Maybe read one of his others. Keep my spanish fresh. I realized today that friday is my very last spanish class ever. How am I going to keep my spanish fresh? no idea.. Ill have to find some people to talk to until my next trip. I guess I could make amends with Nasser, but he creeped me out.

Love you all. Peace today. Je doit etudier pour mon examen que j'ai demain. Au Revoir!

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