Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My bags are packed.. Im ready to go.. My car is actually "low riding" a little.. quite sad, and I seriously have zero room to accumulate any extra stuff.. its weird to think the majority of my belongings fit in a space roughly the size of a refrigerator box... well a big refrigerator box..

Apologies to those of you going out to sonic on monday night expecting our "last goodbyes". Im pretty horrible at that, and honestly Im an idiot and I just forgot.. but I think inside I just didn't want to say goodbye. You guys have been amazing these four years, I wouldn't have made it through without you, and I can't imagine not seeing you ever again. So despite my joking, Ill see you around. Ill try not to fall off the face of the planet, and Ill try to let you know when Im coming to visit.. Keep in touch.. I love you all.

I cannot WAIT to get to Phillie. Man.. this summer is going to be an adventure. I can see that I am meant to be there, and that God has some awesome things in store for my sister and I. The kids are excited to see me and that is encouraging. Ive always wondered if they even remember me, so Im proud to be the Aunt Pico and spend some time with the munchkins.

God I love you, and I am so thankful

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