Monday, January 28, 2008

2008: Spring One: Week Two: Day One: Hour 387

So. Today is Monday. and it is sooo long of a day. I woke up at 9 to a text from the boy. Crashed again after hitting snooze twice. Woke up at 10:30 planning to hit the doc's office at 11 before my meeting at 11:30. I had put my phone on silence and after running too late to go see the doc I checked my phone noticing a voicemail at 11:15. I called Mary and she informed me our group meeting started at 11. So instead of being 5 min late for our group meeting.. I was 35 minutes late. BOO. So I trudged to our meeting and it was not very productive but its just the beginning so no worries. Then realized I forgot my planner in JW. So I trudged ALLLL the way back, hit the mail, then went to class. Janaki was teaching social change today and it was a great amazing life changing 5 hour lecture.. that I had already heard the previous semester in SJ. So.. My brain was melting from Janaki's worldview shattering voodoo magic. After that there was a meeting to discuss the future changes at "SIT Graduate Institute, formerly known as the School for International Training Graduate Program". We thought we were going to be told that these changes would directly affect us.. and more importantly our fees.. we were ready to yell. No yelling occurred.. we are most likely to be grandfathered into the changes with no direct effect to our class. The new program ideas are good ones, but it was a long somewhat useless meeting for me to attend and it wasted precious reading time for OB2 tomorrow. Then I had another meeting.. Janaki's extra session that I didn't really attend. I just sort of "attended it" and in actuality I formed the Indoor Ultimate Google group on my lappy and then watched the state of the union address. I still have a bunch of articles to read, I am exhausted, it is 11:30, and I have class at 8 tomorrow. Arg.

Health news:
I officially feel over my flu/cold other than residual tiredness. The leftover yucky is still my cold sore ridden mouth.. attractive I know. The doc said "swish peroxide.. you foam like you have rabies but it does the trick nicely" Until then I lose wait from not eating anything pointy, spicy, chewy, hot, etc. the plus is I have been hounding water and eating more salad than usual.. :) and pudding.. ehem.

Night guys!


Josh said...

Sorry :(

SarahChill said...

Hi, Peanut!! that will make you growl wont it??

Im glad you are feeling better I am at work so IM if you get a chance. I will figure out the google thing today..Tough week so far being the only agent in the office so am working for 2 and attending classes and doing homework! Enough moaning, we all have issues and mine are so minor.

Love you always, Momma