Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I need a break from break!

So it is tuesday and a lot has happened since my last post. New years was good, got to hang out with some cool youth group people that I havent seen in a quite a while. on New Years Day I took the treacherous drive out to Marshall to hang out with dad, aunt kris, uncle mike and brian again.. that was a nice relaxing day. We were expecting the St. Louis' to join but east michigan had gotten pounded by 13 inches of snow so I don't blame them. Wednesday was the day of shotgun coffee appointments. Saw Russ, Lacey, Bryant, and a few others.. Thursday afternoon I went and had lunch with my brother and his new fiance Vivian.. I love her she is so great! We played some ping pong and I gave him a magicians set :) That evening Abbey and I went out to GR to pick up the much awaited Josh from the airport. He decided to come out and hang in MI for a few days then help me drive back to VT. What a kid. So the rest of the weekend was spent with him, meeting people, seeing boring gh in the winter and that kind of a thing. It was a great chance to really spend some QT with him and relax.. We went to morningstar, butchs, rays, java, the pier, downtown, saw a few of my old houses and went to barnes and noble and hages. On friday we went out to holland and got to see steve/the tide live.. it was great to see Steve Schallert, Steve/Blade, Mishelle, Brett etc.. I am pumped to move back out to the area and reconnect with people.. On saturday a bunch of people got together at church.. an eclectic mix of youth/leaders/friends etc... it was fun to just sit and hang out, play some shopping cart bowling and mess with the sound system upstairs.. Sunday Church was pretty good too. I wish I had been more connected with the congregation at first pres.. I really do like their services and the fact that they do a good amount outside of the service on sunday. After that Josh and I drove out to Ann Arbor and stayed at Dads. It was pretty low key. Dad was pretty distracted and busy due to some upcoming big interviews but it was good to see him before leaving. The drive back to Vermont was good. Man I love long drives. I wouldn't let josh drive til the last leg because I love doing it :) Poor kid got the worst part. Dark mountainous foggy slick corners and one fast turn we almost died at.... All of my death dreams are at night in the fog as passenger so I was huddled and shaking in the car.. I shouldve told him I wasn't just sleeping.... he felt bad later..
Once we got back to the 'boro we searched for food.. it was ten and we hadn't eaten dinner.. so eventually dominos was open and we snagged a pizza and brought it to his house. His dad was so sweet again.. He gives good hugs like josh does. I might steal their cats too.. one of them is really funny... Yesterday and today have been recuperation days. You all know me and my need for a little solitude after being surrounded by people for days and days. So I have been holed up watching some GG and eating Ohs. It is a beautiful thing.. Today is laundry/knitting/planner making/ cleaning day. but tomorrow I want to go caching. It is beautiful out and it wont last much longer :(

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