Sunday, January 20, 2008

Class, Again.

Classes are starting again tomorrow.

This weekend was good. Spent the majority of it with Josh. the poor kid is living a sequence of tragedy.. it is hard to see him suffering but glad I can be here for him. I hope he knows that I am here, and that there are a lot of people around to support him.

Church was great today.. and I (and josh) am starting a daily bible reading thing.. and SO that will be encouraging too.

I miss mom.


Sarah said...

I miss you too, darlin
Love Mom

You know I am just a phone call away, always.

Josh said...

Phyllis, I never will forget that you're here for me or your kindness. Never. As always, thanks a lot for being supportive.

I'm excited about our daily bible reading.

Mrs. Chill, I must say that you have an undoubtedly wonderful daughter.