Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have never claimed to be good at editing nor do I even enjoy it that much. But after our many hours of work making and videoizing these cookies I attempted to put a little something together. I hate Windows Movie Maker, and so the quality is pretty crappy.. however.. it is still funny.

Grandma Phyllis used to make these xmas cookies that were amazing. Dad and I have conquered the recipe and felt the need to document that experience. This vid is part one.. just making the cookies and starting the icing. Maybe next year we'll ice and eat them on camera as well :)

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Daniel said...

I'll have to admit, I almost stopped the video when I realized it was 8 minutes long, but then the 80's butt rock came on and I couldn't stop watching. Those rippin guitar solos and overly-done vocals get me every time.