Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting excited for classes.

Despite drama and an upsetting weekend... I started my readings today for my training classes and I have to say I am officially getting excited about my profession. I think in the past few weeks I have really started to realize the depth of how much I want to do what it is I am being educated to do. I joined the "Young SIETAR" organization which is Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research... they have conferences and workshops all over the world, great networking, mentorship programs and some other cool stuff. I am seriously considering investing in going to the "congress" conference they are holding in grenada in October. The workshops look incredible and the stuff they work on is right up my allley.. I have been reading about the Ethics of Intercultural training and they are talking about what a "competent ICC trainer" looks like. They walk through some of the basic competencies and I am realizing that SIT is sneaky and amazing. A big majority of these things have already been covered or experienced via my classes. Social Identity, OB1, ICC, Training Design, and even some of Social Change all cover about 75% of it and I haven't even taken my second semester of it. Now given I am not completely competent but atleast I recognize the theories, names, and have a basic understanding of most of the biggest aspects. It makes me finally feel like I am on the right track, I do have skills and knowledge and I know where I am going. I am interested to see if there is an organization that might hire me for a bit to gain more experience.. man.. I need to get my resume together already :)

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