Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sea of Writing

I just finished pulling together my piece of our powerpoint for our presentation on the Secure Fence Act of 2006.. aka the big berlin wall between us and Mexico. I am going to post a few pics about it.. it is some interesting and terrifyingly wasteful stuff.. BOO. PS. the pic in black and white is of the Berlin Wall for real. Crazy huh? It sort of brings me back to my days in Mexico. I should upload a picture i have of what we could see from our compound.. We could literally see the highway and border.. You could see the differences in development between El Paso and Juarez.. it was a sad sad sight, especially when the mexican shanty towns were punctuated with ugly factories. yuck.

Now I am off to go write my paper on my "leadership style". I have chosen Servant Leadership because I really think it reflects how I lead. I am talking about RUss as a key exemplifying leader of that style.. he was always a servant first. Even if things change, he taught me a lot back in those days.

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