Thursday, April 03, 2008

Capris.. just for spite.

I am willing it to be spring. No seriously I love spring, and I love this week of weather. Sort of like God is dangling a yo-yo and it represents the temperature changes.. a touch of cold, a touch of warm etc. Its sort of odd because I really appreciate it. I sort of see the beauty in it when I heard about the "sugaring" process- aka making maple syrup. Vermont's is the best around and apparently cold nights and warm days are what makes the sap "run". Interesting and fun.

I am off to FINGO tonight at Austine. Im not going to lie I am nervous. But not for fear of seeing Josh, rather- do I know my colors and numbers? haha.. seriously- Im nervous!!hahah.. I haven't been using it as much- not that Josh and I sat and counted together or anything. oh well!

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