Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey guys.

This weekend was pretty great. Thursday was a success and I feel like I can officially say things with Josh are no longer hell. haha.. no seriously he came to the potluck for ASL on Thursday and we were able to have some great casual catching up conversations, joke a bit and it was completely fine. I know it will still be a little weird for a bit, but at least it isn't anger or any of that. I think anyway :) Afterwards their was a fundraiser at Mole's Eye put together by one or two of the Janeway ladies so we went to support! It was hysterical. It ended up being karaoke night at the bar and it was majority SIT students. It was fun to just sit around and chat with people, although it reminded me why I like going to local shows, cafes etc. I missed being able to actually talk to people. Most of the time we go out and dance. Which is fine but you can't really have a good conversation with people while shakin your groove thang.

I missed class Friday morning- not a good choice since she talked about our project, but atleast I found out that I should be able to use my lesson plan for CEP for it (ed for SJ.. pretty much the same as CEP)

Friday afternoon it was 82 degrees! Yikes! Class with Ken was HORRIBLE. Hot, boring, frustrating. We did have a good conversation about Critical Resistance and prison abolition which I really like. That is the organization we are going to work with in New Orleans at the end of the year so our group is using them for our projects.

Saturday was a lazy start, but I DID manage to go eat both lunch and dinner in the IC. That has been a rough thing for me this year. I can't stand half the food. but in the spirit of saving dad some cash, I am trying really hard this week not to spend money. It has been rough. I finished my TSA group paper, my templates and models, my Training Abstract and overall rough Design. I almost finished my I Am From piece, although I am not super happy with the latest scene, but it'll do. I am trying to incorporate different types of media into them, so I used mags and photos a bit. I don't know that it fits with the rest of them but whatever.

I listened to Pandora all night, man I love that website. I had this great mix of funky music going.. Kimya Dawson (Juno Soundtrack), Adele, Sara Bareilles, Kate Nash, Nael Yaim, Natasha Bedingfield, The Owls, Kate Voegele, Britt Nicole, KT Tunstall, Grace Potter, Mirah, Anne McCue, Colbie Caillat, the list goes on. They threw in some Jack Johnson, DMB, the Fray, Lauren Hill, Jojo, Amy Winehouse,... Awesomeness.

Today I am writing my Ethics in ICC paper. BOOOOO I thought it was due tuesday.. its due tomorrow morning .. before my INTERVIEW.

VERY BOO. So instead of writing most of it today and then finishing it tomorrow so I can have time to prepare for my interview.. I'll be spending ALL day writing it. I suck at this. I am very disorganized this semester.

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