Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Civic Education Project

Things in the works:

I got an email from the Civic Education Project through Northwestern Univ. They want to interview me for the teaching assistant position for their summer programs. Its a pretty good deal. Chicago. 2500/4wks. networking, experience. Room and board etc. It would probably mean not going on the Mexico trip in late June. and I won't hear back from other positions for awhile. Either way I will interview and pull together the requested lesson plan (no clue where to start on that) and proceed with all intentions of filling the position. I mean really- thats good bank for a summer job. $5000 after expenses? true.

I REALLY need to just get this Samaritan's Purse internship stuff in the mail. It is in my backpack in an envelope ready to go.. but not yet gone.

I found out that my Compassion International App didn't ever get sent BOO. So I finally sent it. The actual job position there is not yet reviewed.

The Border Studies Program stuff is all sent- they started reviewing things the other day.

I sent a Resume to University of San Francisco on a whim. Its a pretty crappy year long rm/brd only internship in the IE dept but it would be SOMETHING if all else fails.

I still haven't decided about Project Serve.

I am waiting on Lydia for Myles Fish's contact info at International Aid. Gonna see if he has anything for me there.

Also looking at worldvision, worldservants, youthworks, madventurer, among others- just keeping eyes open.

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