Thursday, April 10, 2008

So... I am job searching. And I am trying to be prayerful and serious about where I apply. I don't want to just apply and then turn down stuff. Eric Kelly said he has a job in mind for me with Youth for Christ, and that he can pass my resume along for me.. It is weird though. I have this weird thing about it because part of the salary is through support raising and I don't know how I feel about that. Number one I don't know that I have enough people who would "support" me, and secondly I just don't know how I feel about people being my "salary". Given it is only 1/2 salary but thats still al ot of money to be raising annually. On the other hand I sort of like the idea of people being involved in my work. It is an interesting thing in ministry, especially missions. The idea that people want to contribute monetarily to contribute to service when they themselves may not be able to do the work. Like people sending money so you can go on a trip to mexico- they themselves can't take off the week but they are given an opportunity to be a part of the work through support. So I don't know. I guess I am stuck on what to do. I was looking at the programs again and starting to think its not as bad as I thought. I also looked at the position that is open and its pretty awesome, and in Englewood, CA. So I don't know. I guess I need some wisdom. The other thing I am weird about is that although I am applying to all sorts of things (that I am ACTUALLY interested in, not just eVERYTHING like some people I know) I feel like if I tell him to put out my resume that I can't really turn it down if I get the offer, and that would be an insult to ... blah blah blah.. grr.. So this is me venting because I am a poor little educated girl with connections to great jobs and too many options. :)

Goodnight. I need sleep. PS> I am in Ann Arbor, I WILL get homework done this weekend, and I bought this amazing popup book- book.. ITS SOOOO COOL.. I am officially addicted.

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