Friday, April 01, 2005

Its April.. Wow

Umm... not really sure what to think today. Its April Fool's Day. I hate April Fool's Day. Im so weird about pranks. I used to be soooo up for them. But this year I have purposely decided to be party pooper Phyllis and stay out, WAY out of the prankage. I put threats on lives last night as we locked our door (and window) in order to keep at bay the possibily of property prankage. So far I have come out unharmed. I am such a weirdo.

Today is a weird day.. not doing so well on the feeling well scale. Again I praise God I am female, but wish I could deck Eve for makin life so freakin difficult for the chicks! I mean really.. millions, and billions and billions of women around the world probably want to twack her ear for every emotional rollercoaster, every irrational thought, every cramp, every pair of jeans that didnt fit once a month, and every child they had to endure birthing. (Can I get an Amen Ladies? and those males that also had to endure) End.

So back to april...
that means that basically next week we have a trip to an estancia
the week after is our survival weekend at our peoples houses
and then there are two weekends free... to sit. doubtful.
Then I come home... Thursday the fifth we fly out and get to Dallas on the morning of the 6th..

So I will be in America on my sisters birthday! Surprise!! hehehe...
Crazy, five weeks from today. I have a lot of gifts to buy. Yikes.

I love you and miss you all..

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Julie said...

daylight savings time is eating my life. thanks for your comment, i am glad you mentioned being a potato peeler for life. what a noble goal! :-) i can't wait to see your face again, in person. we need to go swimming, i think.