Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Levelling out

Is that spelled right? Levelling? oh well.. it looks like a cool word. The point is things are going better this week. Getting homework done. Studying hard. We went to the beach and played frisbee some yesterday. I feel sore and its great. We had a scavenger hunt around town for our Art class today. We went around town to go find buildings of certain architectural designs. It was fun. I was with Jeremy and Quaid. We wouldve won.. maybe.. if we hadn't taken that slow bus.. but then again spending more money on a cab for the sake of the victory (of which no prize was given) wouldnt have been worth it.

Oh yah. I woke up this morning went to the bathroom and Haley was like uhh.. go back to the room and look in my bed. I did. Daniel slept in her bed last night. She slept in his. He wanted to hear this so called "phyllis talking crazy in her sleep" for himself. It was a very strange morning. Im a little off. It was really funny though.. Samanta wants to sleep in here tonight. I feel like a freak show. It doesn't feel too great. But atleast my life has purpose. hmm...

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