Saturday, April 23, 2005

Merienda Fun!

The past few days have been really awesome.. Thursday night a bunch of us went out to a restaunt called the spaghetteria 23 that had amazing Italian food and awesome service. Despite leaving my purse there (of which I retrieved today) it was great and then we all went home and watched Gladiator.. Great movie.. A nice lil chill night. Then last night ... Friday... we all went to a hill down by the beach that has an amazing view and had a merienda.. aka mate, snacks and such. We sang some songs, played funny games like the HA HA game and then went over to a little lake and rolled down hills.. it was great.. We came home to the guys setting up the projector in the foyer to watch Man on Fire on the CEILING. it was so weird but cool. We layed out mattresses with blankets and pillows and all layed down and watched. Half the people fell asleep at some point but we ddnt start watching it til like 1am so it was warranted..

Today has been a day of homework. I am trying to get my Pensamiento paper started. Ive already had to change my topic, of which im not even sure I can do.. I had to email my teacher to find out if it is ok. I hope it is cuz I have already been researching it.. anyways.. Im pretty pumped for the next week to be over. Cuz its exam week so when it is over I am so almost home! We have some small travel plans but other than that its all relaxing, and packing!!

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