Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Projects Galore...

We got back grades on our first big project of the semester.. It was a presentation on MERCOSUR.. not an interesting topic at first, but you add in some jeopardy and you got some flare.. we put a LOT of work into it, and I was proud of the powerpoints I made for it.. we had a great group who worked hard to get it all together.. We got a 100%. Crazy what hard work'll get ya. I have my second big group project this afternoon.. I still have a lot to research and get prepared but it should be interesting. The project is on New Age and how it relates to Christianity and Culture. I went to a Santeria shop yesterday with Cristina and bought a deck of Tarot Cards. Haven't seen any in about 7 years or so.. kinda nostalgiac for me. It was funny to walk through the store and go we had that book, we had those candles, that insence, those oils are good for this ailment, Runes! It was funny. Cristina was a little bewildered by it all. I am so grateful for all the epics of experiences I have had. It is amazing how much I more I appreciate the faith I have come to claim in my life. Being able to see it in relative to other things and faiths I myself have been a part of. It really helps you see why you believe what you believe. My faith has a foundation I have never experienced before. There is Truth there, not just ideas swirling around... Anyway.. I am allowed an opportunity to share a little bit of these ideas today.. I hope we can do a good job of representing New Age Spirituality well and what Christians should consider when thinking about it. Its another easily generalized religion lumped in with wicca and satanism. It is very much different from those although its histories can be traced to both and other neo pagan religions. If you want info... email me.. ask me.. whatever.

What it all comes down to is that God is my shelter, bedrock, salvation. Thats all. And I am glad.

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