Friday, April 08, 2005

Planners... yay

Wow.. this weekend should zoom... Today we have lunch..yum..then all are planning on doing a walking tour to the Prado to see the Museo de Bellas Artes, the Botanical Gardens and go to an upscale tea house.. apparently. Then we are all gonna come back and later tonight we are going to a lounge/club thing... it is supposed to be really cool. Nice and chill but a lot of fun and an awesome view of the river/ocean thing. Next week I have two big projects due and a lot of little homework stuff. Yuck. We only have two weeks of classes left.. thts insane. Ill have another project due the following week, and next weekend is our 'survival' weekend.. yuck. Im not looking forward to that at all.. but oh well.. Ill take it for what it is.. Last night after dinner and a couple episodes of seinfeld with Lucas, we watched Wimbledon... Man.. I love that movie... I was the only girl in the room that thought the guy was beautiful. They were all like "too skinny" "too old" "receding hairline" "weird looking"... I was like blond,blue eyes, athletic, tall, and just beautiful.. I couldn't believe it!! Maybe Im just weird... I dont know... but hey I think I have great taste.. and if not.. oh well.. I still like it! hahah... 28 days..... (Insert stephen blush here)

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Julie said...

thanks for your suggestions. my writing has been sucking it up lately and i need some inspiration. my favourite was the study on men and grapefruit. i will see what results from any further idea germination. :-)