Monday, April 04, 2005

WOW Congrats to Phil and Jenna..

Doo Doo Doo.. another one bites the dust!

So Phil and Jenna are engaged. WOW. Being gone that one was a total surprise. Congrats kids!

So this weekend has been pretty nice. All day Friday and Saturday constituted of me relaxing, shopping or sitting. Very nice. I am just an exhausted person. In general. Overall things are going well here though. I have been a good girl and have been pretty industrious getting projects worked on and getting details hammered out for Youthworks although I STILL DONT KNOW WHERE I WILL BE THIS SUMMER. No frustration there though.. The longest drive is 19 hours.. I can hack that with a pit stop in Nashville or Mommas house in KC.

Ive been trying to put together some of my Powerpoint for my scholarship follow up project. I realized that that will be due in like november, but that it isn't just due, I have to present it by then. Which means it needs to be prepared by school starting in August. Yah thats a lot of time, but it kind of isn't when you take away May through school starting cuz of Youthworks and moving into the apartment Ill be getting.. when I ever get it, if I find it .. which I will.

Not that he'll read this, but it is Thomas, stephens brothers, birthday today. I assume he is 17. I think that is right. Not sure. Thats awesome. Makes me feel old. Bet stephen feels REALLY old. haha. Anyway.. Hes a crazy fun kid whom I am proud to know!!! Plus he has great taste! Woot! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I swear yesterday was thursday and I was excited for the weekend. This weekend went by like lightning. This week is gonna be busy too. We go to the Estancia this weekend too.. that means a ranch, so we'll be riding horses and seeing a show and such. I'm super pumped for that. should be fun. Ill be home a month from Wednesday. That sounds like a lot. And then you say Ill be home four weeks from Friday. That sounds like nothing.

I found out we are having exams the week BEFORE we leave. Which means I technically only have two weeks of classes, exam week, and fun week. Thats NOTHING. Craziness.

As you can tell I am rather pumped to come home. Its great here and all. But Im restless. This has been one of the most amazing experiences, and it continues to be a blast day by day.. but when the day comes to get on that plane, fly home, see stephen and sleep on somebody's couch, I will be smiling. A lot.

Goodnight to all. Sleep tight.

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Julie said...

hey! i had a dream about you last night! i dreamed you stayed in a house while everyone else in uruguay stayed in a dorm. and that's all i remember. come home to us, phyllis! come hoooooome!