Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family coming home

So.. My family comes home today. I am very happy about that fact. I miss the noise.. I like to be alone sometimes.. but after awhile it gets pretty old. I went shopping just for some human contact. I did get a good interview outfit for like 50 bucks.. some new tongue posts.. and the toiletries I needed. So that was good. Yesterday i went through office supply, target, staples and barnes and noble looking for a good planner. I am very specific about what I want, and I dont want to pay a lot. I may end up just making one for myself. It did make me feel excited about school to be looking for school supplies. I am actually headed to Barnes and Noble this afternoon.. not to work but to study for a little bit. I have a few chapters to get read.. and I think my other books will be in soon.

Ill let you know how my other books are.. Im sort of excited. :)

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