Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full Moons Suck Crack.

So I hate full moons.. I really do.. I mean they may be pretty, and make nighttime Ultimate worthwhile.. but still weird shit ALWAYS happens on full moons.

Tonights Full Moon Extravaganza:

*Got called in early to work, to find out I was closing alone. The not-cafe-trained manager helped ring customers, while the new kid made fraps because he wasn't even drink trained. I trained him tonight. He could only work til 10 cuz he has school tomorrow. So I attempted to close the whole damn cafe while new kid made fraps and shitty lattes and the manager fumbled through Xcodes to ring up orders. I did however get the place relatively clean and closed by 1130.. which is pretty impressive.

*Meanwhile the manager gets called to the book floor because the head cashier's appendix burst, a lady got "exposed to" by a man in the periodicals section, a woman got kicked out for almost shoplifting, two high schoolers were playing hide and seek and one screamed bloody murder and got kicked out. Also EVERYthing started breaking.. we were down to one grill, espresso machine, blender, even the tongs were broken at one point. The dishwasher broke, then started fixing and the pepsi exploded at one point.

* After all of that, this bookseller I work with asked for my number.. so that made my night. he seems like a pretty cool guy. Goes to Union in Albany, so it'll be nice to have a friend in the are when I go to school.

*Dad got a second interview, which means I am driving myself to grad school. Im ok with this, I am super pumped for his interview stuff.

*I got a phone call from Sara midshift saying she left the house realizing it was locked and I had no key, so I had to drive to Amber's work... sort of an over the river and through the woods type of drive.... I just got home, it is 2am.

*I saw three possums, 2 dear, a cat, a dog and a billion bats on my drive home tonight.

Tonight sucks. For more than just those reasons. I am emotionally going bonkers right now due to feeling anxious, excited,, nervous, unprepared, torn, tied, happy, ill content, and much much more.


Brooke said...

Sorry you had such an unfortunate day! I love you friend! If I could give you a hug right now, I would!

Anonymous said...

hey baby girl, hang in there!!! How exciting next will is going to be!! You will be fine as always..doing it all on your own, what a big girl!!

Call me this weekend if you get a chance..

I love you Mom