Saturday, August 04, 2007


Started reading one of the recommended reading books for grad school. It is getting me excited for classes and stuff. i was worried that I might want to change my concentration, for fear that I may not be as prepared or "active" in social justice as I should be to get as much out of it. But I think Ill be ok. I may not have the ins and outs of the area down.. but thats what focused studies are for right?

Im reading the first book: Covenant with Black America.
Pretty much it is a Plan of Action for Black America to fight for equality, justice, and healthcare in the US. It is pretty intriguing. Some of the statistics are interesting, and just reading from the black populations perspective is new for me. I dont really know much in this area so I have enjoyed it. I like how the book approaches the issues too.. they have sections in the book where they propose the "problem", statistics about it, then they talk about what people can do right now, give examples of what some organizations are already doing, then they give a plan of action for legislation reformation and outline issues that must be resolved to help the overall problem. In each chapter it emphasizes that people MUST keep their representatives accountable and not just wait around for change to happen. I like that a lot. Im excited for the rest of the book and the few others I have coming in.. Ill keep you updated.

I am sitting in an empty house right now. I dont know if Ill be going to church tomorrow or not. I really should, it has been a rough week or too. Mom I love you and I am worried about you. We just want you to have the best care, and we hate seeing you on that hell hole farm if it is causing you more distress than its worth. I dont have a solution, but know I love you and I am praying.. a lot.

I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do. Youth group kids were so comforting while in Colorado, blessings and thanks to all the hugs.. even the awkwardly long derek hugs. Lacey I loved getting to know you, and you are one of the reasons I want to move back out to the area.. I hope we keep in touch, and you keep grounded. Im proud of who you are working to become.

It has been good talking to Steve (who I assume will read this :)). Its funny to walk into friendships and complicated relationships. I am glad the conversations we've had, even the harder ones. Im also glad the conversations we don't need to have. Its great to just mosey along with no route in sight, no destination planned. Its also fun to know he may end up a good travel buddy some day. I hold on to those kinda folk for dear life. :)

Im sorry to hear that stan is being a jackass again. AGAIN.. AGAAAAIIIINN.. What a SAC! Megan my dear I am praying for you, and for his mental health. I hope jackson and bella are ok, I hear they had a rough few weeks. I love you girls and Im sorry to hear life is crap once again.

Daniel is ok! I am so excited he is finally doing well, or relatively well. He is one of my favorite people, and really had a hard few months this summer, he has a long way to go but God is good.

Phil it was great to soapbox CoC with you yesterday. I miss our discussions and how you start whispering when it gets serious. hhahah

ehem.. I sorta downloaded the new harry potter onto my computer.. hehe.. im going to go read now!

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