Thursday, August 16, 2007


Got into a pretty interesting conversation with someone today about gestures.. that people make to communicate something. Not like hand gestures, but more meaning gifts, acts of kindness, surprises etc. I think someone had given her flowers and so we were talking about that. This is my conclusion..

Flowers are a waste.. I mean they die. But I would still buckle if I got them. Roses are cliche, but I would love them. I hate people who dry their flowers.. but i would too. because they die and then they are useless. All to say.. the gesture of the flowers is important I just wish it would last. Second.

Chocolates are crap. I hate chocolates.. I am against not knowing what kind it is. I would prefer a bag of Hershey's kisses. No buts. I'm serious.

Jewelry is a waste of money, real diamonds are dangerous and can often be "bloody". I'm ok with something that sparkles even if its a fakey. Id rather know blood wasn't spilled over it and that I can lose it and still be able to eat for a week. I'm not a jewelry person anyway.. so really theres only one piece of serious jewelry I ever intend to own.. which is good cuz I'm clumsy. and irresponsible. and poor. Give me a trip to peru and a cheap piece of fake shiny rock and I'm way better off.

I love hugs. especially surprise ones.. Shyle gives the best surprise hugs, and katie. Boys don't surprise hug enough. They should work on that.

There is something about hearing someone say you are beautiful that helps you believe it. Not the "hey? what do you mean? You are hot!" crap. Ya girls like to hear that every once in a while but there is so much more to hearing you are beautiful. From friends, boys, dads, moms whatever. Beauty is so much deeper and touches so much more.

Being able to do a whole lot of nothing with someone is just as important as being busy and having a thousand plans. However.. being led through a planned surprise date can be so exhilarating.. it shows effort, service, care. Kudos to you boys who put on these perfect dates. We don't need it all the time, every time. But man we love it!

There's more that we chatted about but these were the basics.. I'm very tired after a shift so busy, so I am going to bed soon.

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Anonymous said...

hey girlie!! How are you? Besides tired from working? School is sooooclose for you!! I'll bet you are ready to go...Ive been thinking about geocashing...whats the best gps thats affordable???
I have ALWAYS known you were beautiful inside and out,baby girl.

Love MOM