Monday, August 20, 2007

This is my third attempt at posting in three days. I just haven't been able to decide on something worth sharing with the world.

I packed up some stuff yesterday, came upon some old memories and trinkets. I feel like it is about time for me to say "my how the time has passed". Looking at things from high school, back through to middle school. Thinking about the first trips I went on, stuff from freshman year in college. It is strange.

I am so excited/anxious/ nervous/ stressed about school and it is leaking into the rest of my life. Poor steve had to put up with my freak out the other night. I think I took out my panic attack on him. I will say atleast having an idea what classes Ill be taking has helped a little. I get to see my dad in a few weeks too. Which is kind of exciting. I also decided on my concentration.. i think:

Intercultural and Social Activism Training

This concentration offers students an opportunity to focus on training as the primary medium for change. Ethics, intercultural effectiveness, and design will ground the training work within the context of social justice while also encouraging students to pursue areas of personal and professional interests. These courses provide both a foundational and advanced knowledge base as well as relevant skill building for those wanting to do intercultural and/or social action training. The depth of focus in intercultural training and activism design helps to distinguish this concentration from the Community Development and Social Action concentration.

Anyway.. I am trying to calm myself a little today. Hopefully work will help a little bit.. tomorrow.

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