Saturday, November 10, 2007

- Presentation for Social Identity on Class and classism in the US, Indonesia and Cuba.
- Meeting with Janaki about all sorts of goodness including finding out that she actually does support the things I want to do. But she still ripped it to shreds and smiled afterwards. I love her.
- Went to Sam's Outdoor something or other and bought some super cozy gloves and hats for mom and I.. yikes on the bill though :(
- Went to Borders and bought the next to books in the youth fiction series I got hooked on.
- Came home and read one of them. yes. thats right.. I finished it.
- Watched Babel with Cece. I was not thrilled. It wasn't up to par with all the hype but it was interesting.
- Happy Birthday Grandma Phyllis! I got all your messages. We miss you.

- Woke up at 11. But didn't ever see 11:11 (first time since monday.)
- Cleaned my room
- Did my laundry. I hadn't in about two weeks and it was scary.
- Wandered campus with The Alchemist. Escaped to the woods before realizing I could get shot by hunters or eaten by the bears.
- Watched Men in Trees.
- Contemplated studying
- Contemplated being social.

I am now about to start reading the next book. I crave some time to relax without people, or the need to change the world in one fell swoop.

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