Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Canada..well then Michigan.

So my journey to Thanksgiving in Michigan has been quite adventurous thus far. I got up Thursday morning at the crack of dawn as intended, and looked out the window to see snow. Why yes.. thats what I said. SNOW. Brattleboro got its first dumping the morning I needed to drive out. Now typically this would be no big deal, except that it is a fresh dumping of powder over ice, my tires are pretty bald, and in order to get to drivable roads I have to wind down from the mountain on curvy roads with big fat ditches. Well I got out to Kipling rd.. the road right off campus thinking maybe it would be ok.. it was like 830 so they "should" be plowed.. wrong. I turned on to the road and fish tailed for like 30 ft before finally conning my car into a 180 so I could grind my tires back up the hill and onto campus. I went back to bed and waited.. the weather folk were telling me that it was supposed to rain and warm up by noon. So around noon I checked the roads; all were salted, sanded, plowed and drivable. SO onwards and upwards I jumped in the car. Typically I hate driving long trips later in the day. Something about leaving early... I don't know.. maybe because I can sleep in til noon. so if half of my driving is done by the time I would wake up it definitely makes the drive feel quicker.. Well I didn't hit Canada until about like 930 or something like that.. which was 2 hours past the time I had hoped to already be in Michigan. I didn't get to dads til about 230am. yuck.

Well after a few minutes of chats some ravioli and a couple covered yawns (ehem.. piercing.. ehem) we crashed. Today we went to see Beowulf. In digital 3d. It was pretty good and I only screamed a few times. I have issues with 3d. It really freaks me out. When Nate, Lyd, Shyle and I went to Kings Island for a Third Day concert in 2003 we went on the sponge bob 3d ride and I was the only one freaking out.. I believe that I can be proud of my consistency.

Tomorrow, thanksgiving, dad and I are heading to Mike, Kris and Brian's house for the meal and hanging out. Then Friday Dad is riding with me to Grand Rapids, where Ill meet Wendy, and then Ill continue on to GH for fri/sat. I think Friday Ill go say hi to the frisbee folk then meet up with steve and hang out with kathryn too. Saturday I am hoping to see some of the youth group buddies.. I have heard from Abbey, Bethany, and Tyler so far. I am hoping to see mitch this weekend too.. after my dream I realize I miss the kid a lot. My forever brother he will always be.

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