Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things I want to do:

1.) Develop a program for youth that explores how social identity, faith identity and social justice are so tightly interwoven.

2.) Get out of the states for a few months to just explore life, explore humanity, and love it.

3.) Break bad habits, learn new ones. Learn a useful skill. and teach one too.

4.) Dedicate more time to the youth who have change my life more than I have theirs.

5.) Stay up all night under the stars, see a sunrise, see the deer in the woods and just feel it all.

6.) Organize my life and keep it that way. My room is always counterproductively messy.

7.) Dedicate my energy to a project and stay energized.

8.) Go out on a limb for my practicum, find something daring and adventurous.

9.) Write in Colbert on the presidential docket.

10.) Drink máte. Right now.

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