Friday, November 16, 2007

Plans for Vacation

So today is Friday right? Yup. I checked. OK well tonight I am going to the Multicultural Fashion show with my new friend Josh. We hung out with him last night at Austine School for the deaf. He is such a patient guy teaching us new signs and trying to communicate. I appreciate it a lot that he would invest so much in new friends. Anyway he is coming tonight too so that will be fun.

There is a big party after tonight that I do not plan to attend. I have to leave pretty early tomorrow to go to PHILADELPHIA!!! YAY! I am super excited to see my family tomorrow. I miss everyone so much. I need to pick up a few things too. My guitar for one. A crockpot, a few books etc. I will be going to church on Sunday then heading back here for monday and class.

Then on Tuesday morning I am heading out to Michigan via Albany-> Canada-> Ann Arbor. We'll see how well that goes. Ive never done that drive. REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORT.

I will be in Ann Arbor Tues, Wed, Thurs and possibly part of Friday. But I plan to leave Friday at some point so I can be in GH by 5 at the latest. That will give me Friday night and all day and night Saturday. Ill hit the road Saturday morning. I wish I could stick around for church but I don't know if Ill have the energy. It is harder for me to drive at night than in the morning. Which is weird because I am definitely a night person :)

I am hoping to hang with Steve at some point, Abbey and Bethany, Ill be staying with Kathryn, and hopefully Ill get to see Russ, Lacey, Dave, and others. Im sad Lydia and Shyle moved. There is rumor Mitch will be in town-> I miss that kid so much its hard to breathe. I would love to see my real brother too but the number I have for him doesn't work! Maybe I'll hang out with Brian Zajac at some point, and any others who find themselves in the vicinity. Ill be back around for xmas break so that will be fun. If I don't see you this time around Ill see you in a few weeks!

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