Monday, November 26, 2007

Sweet Pea made it...

So my little car and I made it back to Vermont. We crashed through mountains, over big bridges, crossed a few islands and sated our international travel bug with a quick sneak through Canada. Sounds a lot more appealing than it was, but I actually didn't mind the drives. I find it relaxing in the midst of all the stress. My butt hurts from sitting, but my mind is happy from not thinking about anything useless. I got to ponder people, faith, family, school, future, puppies, and other such glorious things.

I realized a lot of things.. many of which I am still struggling through and not yet ready to share with the world. I'll let you know ..maybe :P

I do hope I get to live with Kathryn for xmas break. I was relaxed and happy to be with her. She is fantastic, and though I didn't get to hang out with andy much, he seems like a cool guy. It was also nice to be living with animals again, much to steve's dismay (you hissed more than the cat did :P). I have grown up with pets all my life and then last year with Jack, emmy etc. There is something comforting about animals. Maybe its the fact that they are rarely mean, they don't talk back, and they will listen to you complain. Pretty much they are stress free cuddle buddies. Even the crazy cat was sweet. haha.

I am off to prioritize and get some work done

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