Sunday, December 30, 2007

Okay.. so I was planning on uploading some pics while I was in GH but apparently I grabbed the wrong cord when I left and I can't get it hooked up to my laptop. oh well..

So things are going really well so far. Thursday night was the bachelorette party plus good times with Kyle and Jenni afterwards. Friday was a long but good day. It started snowing pretty heavily so I didn't make it to Andy's house for his birthday. My car kept sliding all around. New tires or not.. sweet pea doesn't like the winter. I ended up hanging with abbey, grabbing coffee with bryant than relaxing and recuperating from the holidays with some greys anatomy. Lovely. Saturday was the wedding.. I got coffee with Lacey and Derek beforehand then Steve picked me up and the ceremony was pretty short, but still amazingly perfect. Cheers to Father Bill and his high fives. There was a pretty big gap in time between the ceremony and the reception so bryant steve and I went to Coffee grounds for some Uno etc. We chuckled when the wedding party came in too.. they had gotten kicked out of the church in the middle of pictures and also had some time to kill. The reception was fun. Saw some people that I haven't seen in a long time. Amey McWilliams, Mark Holzinger, Aaron Helmus, Jessica Lukasik, etc.. list goes on and on. The food was good, and the toasts were funny... We were all pretty tired and the dancing wasn't that popular so Steve and I left around 8 or 9. Abbey came over and we watched some more greys anatomy.

I went to first pres for church this morning and saw some more faces that I have missed. It was good to see Matt Bussel, and Karin was super excited that I was there. Sat with Aris, Lacey and Derek.. watched Abbey speak about college stuff.. great girl.. too bad she made a comment she will never live down.. Justin, Dave and Jay are relentless sometimes.. Saw Russ and Tracey too. Tyler was there.. good kid. Need to grab coffee with him this week.

Went out to Applebees for lunch with Justin, Abbey, Dave, Heidi, Jay and Katie.. then two more people whose names I forgot already. May hook up with them later.. who knows.

I was supposed to hang with my brother today.. but something came up and he cancelled. I also found out that lydia has been in town and I didn't know it! ugh! I am an idiot!

I am super excited for Josh to get here on Thursday. I have been gradually telling people about him, and they have all been pretty intrigued by the whole situation. Some more nervous than others.. hahah.. should be a fun weekend.

Ok.. thats all I have for now.
I need to go get some reading/napping/grey's done. It is so nice not to HAVE to be anywhere today. I am enjoying the peace while I can!

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