Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A great day.

Today was a good day all around. I blame phil for giving me some hope yesterday.

Got a message from Jon Striker today. What a guy. I haven't talked to him in so long, it was great to hear he is alive and well. Another one off the market :)

So I bought Ghost Peeps yesterday. that made me smile.. but they have these eyes that are made out of weirdness and that part isn't tasty at all.

Im so proud of myself for drinking a lot of water again. I am regaining a little energy that was much needed.

I played with my camera for awhile today.. self portraits and the like. trying to get used to the lighting issues, flashes, etc. I hate not being familiar with a camera.. you never know what is best for each camera.. unfortunately the flash on my camera is SO bright that self portraits with flashes make you look white as a ghost.. ill have to figure that one out.. any suggestions?

I haven't heard anything from the bank about my free ipod.. i hope they follow through or i will be sad. I am in NEED.. not need really.. but id like something to help me escape the chaos of campus and be able to just go walk in my own little world.

I ate a kiwi today and thought of phil :P

Today in training design, katy and i had to demonstrate an experiential learning technique. We wanted to be crafty so we did "construction" we had the students get into pairs, discuss different roles they play in society, and then using everything from paper to feathers create a hat that represents this role. It was pretty funny and katy and i got to make little "buddies" out of pipe cleaners. here they are:

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