Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shit. Its October.

Well one month has passed in beautiful Vermont.

Today was an eventful day. ICC-Deaf Culture was super intense today. Shyle I will always think of you when working with sign language. Today's class was focused on deconstructing our self and bias and issues. It was very heavy, very hard but very educational. After class I drove to Keene to deposit my check at bank of america, and took the time to relax and really enjoy being myself. I ate a quesadilla at the local mexican burrito joint, did a tiny bit of journaling and enjoyed the good weather. Its like a vacation driving just 30 minutes away. You drive through the mountains where all the leaves are changing, up and around winding through the hills until you reach a town where no one knows you. I mean I know the guys but there was such a slim chance to see them.

I decided to drop Mandarin. I just feel like I need a time during the day a few times a week where I can journal, pray, think, whatever.. this place is so intense emotionally.. I feel like Ill need the time to release.

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