Saturday, October 06, 2007

Well last night was the party in Keene. It was a blast. Craziness, drama, and some awesome people. We had a pretty great time so thanks to the boys for letting us join in on some new england good times. Now I need to get to the grindstone and church out some reading and papers. If I get enough done today Ill be heading to the Salsa Party tonight ... if not.. its ok.. Ill have disc tomorrow to use as a catharsis.

Last night brought up the same old emotions once again. I gotta figure out what I want pretty quick here or Im just going to destroy myself emotionally with the games. Im obviously being vague if you couldn't tell.. but there is some reality to the statements. I just have some decisions to make...

I miss you brooke.. I miss our talks. call me.

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Brooke said...

i miss you too. a phone call is coming your way. love you girl!!