Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Whoops to Facebook.

I forgot these post automatically to facebook.. hehe.. sorry for the "cursing". Its a good thing I don't gossip.. too much. Cuz that would've been awkward.

Man it is a nice and comfortable 10:30.. I had four alarms go off this morning to wake me up. Why is it that the one morning I decide to sleep in (til 10) I have a zillion alarms go off, but the one day I have to be somewhere at 8:30am, they all fail. I guess thats just one of those things God lets happen to "humble" you.. hahaha...

Well this afternoon I have Training Design for Experiential Learning... aka TDEL .. gotta love the acronyms. It seems like it is going to be one of those "practical" classes rather than the discussion/deconstructive classes. So it will be more of a relief than anything. They told me going into Social Justice as a concentration that it was intense emotionally as well as academically.. I believe them. My heart and mind are TIRED. Deconstructing yourself day after day is tough. but soooo good.

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Brooke said...

haha...why do you know me so well? in case you were wondering, we actually have not gone running once yet. but that doesn't mean we won't go! don't give up on me! hahah!