Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So yesterday morning I emailed Lisa Sickler. She was one of the women we worked with in Reynosa when I went with youth group through World Servants. I emailed her to sort of spark her memory of me and see if she had any leads on places I could talk to about possible practicums or jobs. She emailed me back saying she would talk to her dad, who works at World Vision, and I would hear from him in about a week. So he emails me two hours later asking for my "letter of introduction" aka my cover letter. Panicking I called the PDRC and asked if there was any way I could meet with them, there just happened to be a cover letter workshop last night. SO I went to the cover letter workshop and learned all there is to learn about cover letters. I went home and called dad. He had some great encouragement and advice. So last night and this morning I tried my hardest to write a kickass coverletter. I think it was only kickbutt but it will function. I had issues because the organization is faith-based yet still very professional. This tension brings in different aspects of what they want to hear. They want to know I'll be a good example, that I have a faith in line with their own, and also that I am competent, experienced and interculturally savvy. So it was a rather long cover letter.. but not over one page as I was strictly instructed. I feel like I narrated more than I should but I already emailed it to him so lets cross our fingers.. and by that I mean pray.

The good thing is that I know God is so much bigger than networking. I trust him to make the right connections and he will impassion the right people to hire me. My hope is to be getting a hundred phone calls a day asking for me to work for THEM. hahah.. doubtful.. and scary.

The best thing about this scenario is that I know Lisa and Pattie.. and Lisa is way dependable. Ehem. So if all else fails and I can't find anything else to do.. I can always fall back on them to hook me up with something through World Servants. Ah well. I have higher hopes than that.

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