Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hmmm. Lazy Again.

Well classes are over. Well technically I should be writing a paragraph reflection for my SJ class. :) and THEN everything will be over. This week has been a crazy week of papers, presentations, hours on the computer for one reason or another. At one point I had red rings around my irises from being at the computer with my contacts in too long.. weird..

Well.. Friday was a great night. Went to the Christmas Party for Austine school with Josh. It was a lot of fun! I met a lot of the people Josh has been talking about, and most of them said "Nice to meet you .. finally". Apparently I had a reputation already ;) It was great to just sit and chat.. which means a lot of writing, signing, messing up and clarifying.. but I love every minute of it. We sat with a sweet couple, and although we were sort of engrossed in our own conversations for most of the evening, they seem like fun people. I saw a few people there I had met at church the sunday before last. I am excited to go back to church after break. I liked it a lot. We left the party a little bit early to go try and steal Cici away to an SIT end of semester bash at Garret's. She ended up being at work til ten (it was around 9:30) so we went to Garrets after I forced Josh into slave labor and he dug out my car for Cici to steal later :) We had to guilt her into coming.. the girl needed a break! The party was fun and I think Josh had a good time too. I struggle with playing hostess. I mean as far as trying to keep Josh involved in conversation. It is hard to know how to do that.. just as it is hard for him to do that for me when we are in a large grouop of deaf people signing. We can't interpret everything going on in the conversations.. I felt bad that he was left out, but I was greatful to the other ASL students and those excited to get to know him for involving us a little. I am pleasantly surprised by how SIT students have been in bringing him into the family little by little. I don't know how I feel about considering SIT a family.. ahahah.. oh well :p

Saturday I went to Panera for about 8 hours and worked on my presentation for SJ: Multicultural Education and Textbook Reform. Good times.. It was good to escape and eat good food, people watch and feel productive. Sunday I was snowed into SIT, which was good for my presentation but I was sad to miss church :(

Monday was the presentation day. It went pretty well although I felt a little discombobulated. I had a few huge issues that I wanted to bring into the room before discussing it all, but by the time I got through explaining it.. my time was up. OH well.. thats why I am taking the education for social justice class next semeseter. we'll talk about it more there.

Yesterday was my first classless day. I was completely unproductive (well.. i did laundry.. does that count?) but it was wonderful! I brought Jennifer to the bus stop, namiko and i went snowpants/watch battery hunting at walmart. Cici and I snagged dinner, then Josh came by and the three of us spent the evening searching out snowboardable snow.. to no avail... either way the hunt was a BLAST. we were laughing the whole time. There was a lot of falling and pushing and screaming and trying to sign and communicate.. good times. I love Cici by the way. I do.. I adore that girl. After snow fun.. we watched Kingdom of Heaven, which.. umm.. was.. alright. I wasn't thoroughly impressed by the movie.. but it was relatively interesting. Cici was dead asleep by the end of the night.. and Josh and I postponed our conversation til later because he had to work this morning..

So tonight Josh is picking me up at six. Everything is a surprise.. and I am quazi nervous.. I am excited to give him his christmas present which is a box full of..... jk. He'll read this I am sure.. bwa ha ha! victory once again!

For those of you expecting me for xmas break in michigan. I am leaving the state of VT at the arse crack of dawn on saturday.. I won't be to GH until probably closer to the 27th.. If I ever hear from Kathryn I am hoping to stay for a week or so.. and I need to be back here by the 15th latest. There might be a pitstop in east michigan on the way back.. and possibly another in Philadelphia :) Who knows ...

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Josh said...

Slave driver... :(

And good guess about reading your blog. I was hoping to find out, but noooo. I love your present. It's priceless! :)

You're the best.