Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today was a curious day. I woke up to my alarm going off at like 11:30am. Woah way to sleep in. I guess that is ok because I stayed up talking to Cici about God knows what til 1:42 exactly. Before that I saw the latest Heroes epi which was INCREDIBLE. I made sure to send texts to Brandon in hopes that he would go watch it immediately and we could discuss it. He did, and we did. It was good to talk to him and catch up again. It is always so few and far between :( At some point last night, I had a few hours that were mixed with TDEL, convos with Josh, messages from Brownie, and Cici yelling at me to come check out her Eharmony personality thing. Yes brooke, I convinced her to take it because it is always crazy accurate, almost as accurate as the Marie Claire horoscopes.. which was hysterical. I just reread Novembers and about died laughing. I refuse to post it.. REFUSE because I don't want anyone to make assumptions.. but holy crap.. Brooke you need to call me. We need to catch up. :)

Tomorrow is my TDEL presentation. I am super excited to get it over with and to present it because the training is good info and tools. I also think it is a training that I could facilitate with the youth if they wanted to learn how to travel on a budget... it is actually interesting I promise.

So.. I am yet to hear from BN in Michigan.. thats nothing new. I also haven't heard from Kathryn about whether I can stay with her.. which is also nothing new.. and my car is snowed in at the moment. So lots to do before xmas break and all.

Momma you need to call me this week.. the phone cut off when grandma picked it up ;) miss you! And I have lots and lots of news for you! btw did you ever talk to drew?

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Brooke said...

I tried to call you the other day. You did not answer your phone and I was sad. I will try again.