Sunday, December 02, 2007


So.. It is 11:36pm and I am praying it snows like crazy tonight. Not because I want to make a snowman tomorrow.. although I do.. and not because I crave sledding.. though I do.. and not because I want to have a jw vs gamble snowball fight.. something which is very important to me.. but rather.. because I really don't want to present this article in class tomorrow.. it is an article by Samir Amin about Capitalism and the Pauperization of the global agriculturals something or other. boo.

On a lighter note today was the Eki-den race and it was a lot of fun to watch. I was very tired this morning after a night of nightmares and interrupted sleep. But it was good to see everyone, I was glad that Josh came out to run, and we surprised him with a birthday cake! What a cool old senile dude. hahah :P

I started looking at my class schedule for next semester.. looks pretty good. I might take a budgeting and financial management class if I can fit it in. I need the practical skills in money stuff, and it would make my dad happy. Merry xmas!! haha. Ill be taking a few training courses, and education for social justice class , and maybe a social justice issues course too. Plus I am signed up for ASL at Austine.. so that will be a good time.

So as far as my workload this week goes:

Monday: Snowday.. or presentation of article (which is only like 5 min of talking and more discussion stuff.. I don't think my article will spark too much.. luckily)

Tuesday: possible meeting with PI group, definite meeting with my TDEL group to get our training ready for wed.

Wednesday: TDEL training
Thursday: PI and research stuff
Friday: SI, presentation of Stretching Exercise, Research
Saturday: Research, PI mtg probably
Sunday: JW brunch, Research/writing
Monday: kill me now presentation for SJ

ugh. boo. oh well


Josh said...

"Old" and "senile"

*stammering* that's not so nice... although it's good to know what's your actual thought of me... Oh wait, you're always a meanie. So what's new? :P

Don't look so surprised if you find some wet, cold snow somehow get under your clothes -- especially on your back area... O;-)

Lastly, but most important, many thanks for a birthday cake! We ate it all. Yum-yum.

Sorry about my previous comment. Sidekick screwed it up royally. It didn't do what it was supposed to do.

Phyllistene said...

haha.. cold snow is sooo mean! how am I the mean one!! BOO. especially since I would feel extra mean "sneaking up" behind you to get you back.. haha..

glad you liked the cake.. and you know I am just as senile..

Josh said...

I learned that (being a meanie) from you a.k.a. Princess Meanie.

Sneaking up behind me? You? You and whose army? :P

I was going to make some wry comments regarding "senile", but I've decided against it.. See? I'm a good guy... not meanie...

Phyllistene said...

*signing liar *signing meanie *signing sorry :P

Josh said...

*making some faces* :P