Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry xmas everyone! I am at the Chill household.. as in Mike, Kris and Bryan's house. We had a good christmas eve yesterday. Played a few rousing rounds of Apples to Apples. I'll post some pictures a little bit later.. although I am realizing that I tend to make many false promises regarding the picture offers. Hopefully this time I will follow through.

Well tomorrow dad is going to attempt to drag me to a football game.. with some of his friends. I need to get some things done though.. so maybe I will be able to pull off a "pass".

Thursday is Becky's bachelorette party.. which I still need to buy her a present for.. but it will be fun to go out with the girls a little bit. I still don't technically have a place to crash.. because I am thinking/hoping that kathryn's phone is no longer working. If it is working.. grr a little bit. I need to find out if I can stay with her.. or if I need to search for other abodes.

The other exciting news is yet to be determined.. so I will wait to post.. but it would be verry exciting..

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