Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I just reread my post and realized how discombobulated it was. I hope I didn't put off a weird idea of what I believe. I am still struggling... "work out your faith in fear and trembling" Phillipians 2.... anyway.. I am going to go attempt to finish this paper..

PS. We just watched the new harry potter.. it came out today. Man they did a great job with the movie. I was so impressed. Those books are incredible. Katy and I were talking about how related it is to social justice issues. I mean those books combat everything from racism (different types of "beasts", halfbreeds, "purebloods" etc ), sexism (Hermione and Ginny are great icons for woman power!), ageism (The premise is that these young kids CAN fight, and have that empowerment), classism (Weasley's vs. Malfoys.. both pureblood, but class divides them among other things), slavery (house elves), totalitarian regimes ("the ministry", Voldemort, even Dumbledore and Grindelwald's plan for a "new order").. I was thinking that there was also something to ableism...I couldn't explain out my examples.. but I was thinking Ron's "different intelligences other than book smarts/magic, Hagrid for the same reasons, also Neville and his issues with learning and how he really caught on to herbology but had issues with spells until the D.A. ..... anyway.. I am sure there is much much more, but that is what we came up with on the spot. It is interesting to begin to notice those things and I truly respect Rowling for her ability to bring so many issues through a book that will be read by future generations of world changers.. WOOT!

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