Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Day to Burn.

Man I am burnt to a crisp. Today we did a ton of orientation stuff. We woke up to these amazing pastries filled with chocolate, or banana pudding or Dulcecrema. Got a tour of the facility, and a walking tour of the city. Went to Ciudad Vieja, part of the town with all sorts of little open markets and restaurants. We ate at an amazing restaurant, with amazing steak, Chorizo( sweet sausage, and regular), and Provolones (Fried Cheese and Ham on a plate with peppers), and a really funny younger waiter who was learning english and eager to use it. I ordered in spanish and he said... HWow, thaht hwas Pairfect! it was so funny.. his accent was hysterical. I love the Uruguayan accent, its very airy. Reminds me of german in a way.
After lunch a group of us took the bus back to the house, walked to the beach and had a blast. The beach reminds me of Grand Haven in the summer. Fine sad, brown water(but salty), crappy waves and TONS OF PEOPLE. We tossed the volleyball around (including our teachers, they are so awesome!), and a few Uruguayans joined us. One named Reechard (Ricardo, but he told us to call him Richard) and I didnt catch the other name. They were a lot of fun and kept making fun of me when I screwed up cuz I always like would grunt or scream.
After that we got a game of beach ultimate going, my teachers request. Stephen he will be joining us next year to play.. and hes pretty good! We'll be getting a lot of it down here, a lot of the group plays! We need a better disc though this one hurts.. It was thrown full force into my forehead. I fear a big fat bruise will find its home between my eyebrows giving the unsightly illusion of a UNIBROW. My feet hurt a lot from running in the sand!! yikes. After that we were walking back and saw the drummers practicing for Carnaval. Apparently they practice for months in groups of anywhere from twenty to 150 walking down the streets early evening with jimbays (spelling?) and bongos. In front of the drummers women from ages 4-60 dance this really cool but difficult dance/walk thing. It is soo neat. We then headed to the heladeria for ice cream. It was amazing! It was more gelato like than ice cream and verry good.

Now we are back at the dorm, about 9pm waiting to go out to dinner after some chill out time. I hear people playing guitars, some practicing spanish phrases for church greetings tomorrow and showers blaring for beach clean off.

It still feels like Ill be leaving in a week. I have had more fun in the past few days than I have in months. It is good to be here and I hope it doesn't slow down, too much.

I do however miss my contacts miserably. sad. And Sunscreen. Im burnt

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stephen said...

THose contacts still have not shown up here, any word if your dad got them......good to hear that you are having a blast......and we will have to see how good this teacher is (cynical look:))