Saturday, January 29, 2005

MAJOR updatin

Ok So I just got back from our weeklong trip to brazil but have updates before that:

We went clubbin last friday night in Ciudad Vieja. It was a blast! Everyone did an amazing job we have a lot of talent in the group. We didnt get home until about 5 in the morning and were leaving at like ten to go to the beach at Atlandidad. The next day we were going to leave about 1pm for Brazil. My laundry was soooo not done. Everyone had done theirs the night before, but I skipped church thinking surely 3 hours will be enough time. NEGATIVE. Many of my tshirts, shorts and underthings were damp, and my whites were still in the washer. My JEANS were sopping so I left with one pair of clean jeans, some damp tshirts that later smelled of rotten eggs, and anything leftover in my closet.

24 hours on a bus later we arrived at our RESORT HOTEL. It was amazing. The art in this hotel was awesome. 3 pools, jacuzzi, volleyball court, tennis courts, soccer fields, a 5 star restaurant that we ate at for free, and best of all LAUNDRY SERVICE!! We played a lot of vball, and swam a lot throughout the week on our off time.

Our on time was amazing.
The first day we went to the Argentine side of Iguazu falls which included 5 km of walking and an awesome boat right that took us under some of the falls. We were oh so very wet after that. Then that night we went back at about 10pm in a full moon lit sky and saw the Devils throat of the falls.. It was the most breathtaking sight I have EVER seen. I sobbed from the minute I saw it all the way back on the trails. I dont know how people can say their isnt a creator when things so beautiful exist. There was so much power, majesty, and yet peace and design that I couldnt handle it. Almost all of us broke into song at some point and daniel and I sang all the way back on the train to the buses. It is good to have people here that experience the same awe, wonder and praise. I was afraid at first that there wouldnt be anyone here that shared in my passion for our Creator. I am a blessed girl through and through.

The next day we went to the Brazilian side of the falls. Cameron was then hunted by the security people for trying to catch a lizard. He had to change shirts so they wouldnt find him. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut to eat lunch. It was SOOOO good. I miss Guarana. Its this really good soda they have only in Brazil. It tastes a lot like Ale81. Mmmmm... Later that night we went to a dinner show and it was a blast. Lots of Awesome cultural dancing and great food. Chery was pulled up on stage and got to booty dance with some guy. They had the dancefighters up there ... ofcourse they were all greased up and shirtless. They were rather fantastic. Jeremy was a big fan. Me too. hehehh...

Friday we started the trip home with a stop at Horacio Quirogas house and the Jesuit Mission called San Ignacio Mini in Santa Ana Brazil on the border of Paraguay. It was the missions with the Gvaranies Indians like in the movie the Mission.

Everything we saw was amazing, nothing boring or mundane. We had a lot of fun, and saw some amazing sights.

Portuguese is so confusing.


Julie said...

"you light up my life..." that's all i know of the song. i am glad you're having so many amazing experiences!!!

Julie said...

oh, girl! i forgot you had no way of knowing about james! he got a lip piercing. he had a stuf in it for a while, but now he has a ring. anyway, he wrote into the "dear grace" section and posed this query:

"i made the rash decision of getting what older generations might consider an 'outrageous' piercing on my face. what would be the most appropriate way to tell my parents without giving them a major heart attack?"

"grace" advised him not to make rash decisions anymore. awesome. :-)

stephen said...

Good luck with all that studying!!!