Friday, January 21, 2005

Opening of Carnaval Season!

went to the Carnaval Parade last night. Carnaval season is a time of celebration and fun before the lenten season. In brazil its a time of debauchery and fun before being good for a month or so. Montevideo isnt quite as crazy but there were a ton of people downtown. We got good places to watch in front of a cute group of kids. The costumes and dancers were amazing although many were wearing little clothing. Beware. My pics are on webshots but they arent necessarily all censored. It was awesome though.


stephen said...

Cool looking pics!

Jsut fo rthe record (mainly because I want to mess with you) but I'm killing you at this blog thing. :)

stephen said...

Granted it would be better if I could type or proof-read!

Julie said...

nice pictures! i miss yoooooou!