Sunday, January 09, 2005

Man I am NOT on the ball!

Hey y'all, sorry it took me a little bit to update. Last week I was at my dearest mothers for a week and her internet is too slow to post. It was sooo great to stay there for a week and just get to laze around! I know she worries Im bored but it was fantastic. Whats a better recup/gear up for travel than movies, amazing cheese/chili dip, cute cats, ice storms, crazy grandma, and loads of "24". Of which I am still impatiently awaiting to finish the season! AHH!

It is good to be in Abilene again. Its good to see and hug and talk to stephen face to face. It was great to be talking til 430am with brooke last night, and to see whit, and julie9. I missed my girls.

Fantastic News! Friday I did my Youthworks phone interview! It went pretty well.. and I have another on Tuesday. I think I might have a third that is a spanish interview as well.. scary. All and all I am pumped that its all coming together. I feel like I am on my way to being an adult because of it. Why this constitutes adulthood I have no idea, maybe because it is going to be the first thing I have done all by my lonesome from start to finish. That and my scholarship, which also made me feel big and tall.

I realized today that Im going to have to do taxes and fafsa stuff while abroad. What a HASSLE. oh well, atleast its all renewal stuff, it shouldnt be too difficult.

I leave for Uruguay Wednesday morning. Nervous. Excited. Confused at how quickly break went by.. but royally pumped!

Stephen got me a stuffed animal for xmas. Its adorable, and perfect. He also made a video with it and about it that is hysterical. Mostly Im glad I can prove that his family rocks my face off. Thomas you are a nut kid! Congrats!

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